Perfomance capabilities of mobile well test and completion units

Authors: V.А. Krukov, R.V. Valiullin, M.М. Muslimov (Scientific-Technical Company MODULNEFTEGASCOMPLECT CJSC, RF, Ufa)

Key words: mobile well test and completion unit, automatic well stream measurement, gathering, treatment, transportation of oil and formation water.

Mobile well test and completion unit can operate as process development unit for oil treatment and is integrated in to process lines of oil and gas treatment plants and preliminary water knockout plants/ Existing permits and licenses for well test and completion unit allows operation according to lie-in and pilot operating project designs at early stages of oil field development. Proposed solution helps to reduce investments at stages of oilfield drilling (exploratory and development) and initial stage of oilfield operation, as well as partially recover investments due to sale of products.

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