Electromagnetic-logging-while-drilling equipment and numerical inversion software

Authors: K.N. Kaurov, V.N. Eremin (Scientific production enterprise of geophysical equipment “Looch”, RF, Novosibirsk), M.I. Epov, V.N. Glinskikh, K.V. Sukhorukova, M.N. Nikitenko (Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, Siberian Branch of RAS, RF, Novosibirsk)

Key words: electromagnetic logging while drilling, gas-oil-saturated reservoir, deviated and horizontal well, electrical resistivity, inversion.

New Russian logging-while-drilling equipment for investigating deviated and horizontal boreholes has been developed. It consists of electromagnetic, gamma-ray and inclinometer modules. The technical features of the equipment, as well as its laboratory testing results and practical log data are considered in the paper. Along with that, we have developed the basic algorithms and software for the electromagnetic signals numerical simulation and inversion. Its testing demonstrates promising results when determining resistivity and boundaries location for the layers that are within the sondes sensitivity area. We provide an example of the inversion results for the signals measured in a three-meter water-oil saturated sand-shale reservoir penetrated by a horizontal wellbore.

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