Numerical model of multilateral well performance during steady flow regime considering different types of completion

Authors: M.V. Dvoinikov, G.M. Kolev, D.D. Vodorezov, A.V. Oshibkov (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, RF, Tyumen)

Key words: multilateral, well productivity, well completion performance, velocity potential model.

The paper presents mathematical model based on the velocity potential function of a point source which allows reproducing cooperative work of several laterals located in the same formation with regard to their interference is obtained. The evaluation of the model quality is made by comparison with the known analytical solutions for the stationary flow to the horizontal and vertical wells. The model application is shown by the example of multilateral wells with three lateral horizontal shafts, one of which is cemented and perforated, and the remaining open trunk has four perforated interval. The profiles of the inflow to the trunks of multilateral wells are shown, flow rates are calculated. The developed model allows the analysis of the well during the design phase of drilling and well completion.

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