Geological modeling based on 3d facies variation in case of AV reservoirs of Samotlorskoye field

Authors: A.A. Kasyanenko, V.A. Aksarin, M.S. Anokhina, D.L. Gendel, E.V. Shirikova (TNNC LLC, RF, Tyumen)

Key words: 3D geological modeling, facies model, artificial neural network, Samotlorskoye field.

The geological model of AV reservoirs of Samotlorskoye field was built. Lithology and reservoir modeling is based on the 3D facies model. To increase accuracy of the facies modeling an artificial neural network was applied for facies estimation in uncored wells. The usage of the facies model improved the convergence of the lithological and petrophysical models with the field data and also enhanced the prediction of reservoir properties distribution in the undrilled zones.

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