Oil inflow to a well with complicated wellbore trajectory in layered reservoir

Authors: S.K. Sokhoshko, Zh.M. Kolev (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, RF, Tyumen)

Key words: oil well, wellbore trajectory, inflow, productivity.

Developing layered reservoirs the issue of inflow performance in well with complicated trajectory with account of layered payzone reservoirs which are divided by impervious layers is very important. The paper reviews the performance of inclined well with perforated casing and complicated trajectory in layered reservoir in stationary conditions. Inclined well with complicated wellbore trajectory in layered reservoir can penetrate reservoir a number of times. Calculation method for this case is shown and calculations are given for inflow profile and velocity profile along the well with account of geological and physical characteristics of payzones. Velocity profile of inflow is calculated along the well with account of mechanical cuts in well.

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