Sensitivity model analysis under diverter technology conditions and uncertainties. Express method of efficiency estimation

Authors: E.O. Sazonov (Bashneft-Dobicha LLC, RF, Ufa), U.V. Zeigman (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, RF, Ufa)

Key words: hydrodynamic simulation, mathematical simulation, diverter technologies, polymers, efficiency prediction, express method, numerical experiment, correlations, recovery factor increase.

The article presents numerical experiment results within simulation of diverter technology application. They reflect influence of geological uncertainties factors and technological realization of this enhanced oil recovery method.On the initial step of decision making about advisability of diverter technology application would be optimally to have an express method allows estimating technological efficiency of operation under the minimal set of input data. Such express method was produced during analysis of numerical experiment results, empirical relationships were derived. They allow estimating a technological efficiency of this technology application. It depends on complex parameter that is function of heterogeneity of permeability, technological parameters of realization and properties of fluids.
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