Determination of the relationship between the filtration parameters and seismic data on the example of the Lower Permian deposits Varandeyskoye field

Authors: M.V. Chertenkov, A.I. Chuiko, D.A.Mett, S.S.Sukhodanova (LUKOIL-Engineering LLC, RF, Perm)

Key words: hydrodynamic modeling, pressure transient test, seismic.

During the creation of geological and hydrodynamic models, the distribution of the parameter of permeability in the inter-well space is characterized by considerable uncertainty. Until now, due to poor knowledge of the filtration properties of the reservoir, most high conductivity areas allocated directly by increasing the permeability of the matrix by a certain amount, taken quite indicative and not having adequate justification. Nowadays the most promising method in terms of describing the distribution of permeability in geological and hydrodynamic models is search of depending between seismic attribute and filtration parameters.

1. Chertenkov M.V., Chuyko A.I., Mett D.A., Using well test data for detailed geological and hydrodynamic models (In Russ.), Neftyanoe khozyaystvo – Oil Industry, 2014, no. 4, pp. 48–50.
2. Khromova I.Yu., Migration of duplex waves as a method of mapping fractured zones of tectonic oenesis (In Russ.), Geologiya nefti i gaza – The journal Oil and Gas Geology, 2008, no. 3, pp. 37-47. 

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