Multiobjective optimization of the field development variant in an investment project

Authors: I.A. Ponomareva, Yu.G. Bogatkina, N.A. Eremin (Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS, RF, Moscow)

Key words: economic evaluation, investment oil and gas project, economic and mathematical method, design decisions.

The article presents the basic economic criteria for evaluating oil and gas investment projects by rapid method and dynamic model, their brief description is given. In the given methods, economic criteria are considered as a set of interrelated elements making it possible to take a final decision on the effectiveness of putting of developed field in the industrial application. The boundaries of the evaluation of permissible level of investment attractiveness (efficiency) of an oil and gas project are shown by the example of Musyurshorskoye field. It is actual that the considered approaches to obtaining an investment decision on multiobjective optimization of field development variant make it possible to comprehensively evaluate the investment project and make a final conclusion about its effectiveness.
1. Ponomareva I.A, Bogatkina Yu.G., Eremin N.A., Kompleksnaya ekonomicheskaya otsenka mestorozhdeniy uglevodorodnogo syr'ya v investitsionnykh proektakh (A comprehensive economic evaluation of hydrocarbon fields in investment projects), Moscow: Nauka Publ., 2006, 134 p.
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