Stand for tests of tubing thread connections at screwing and unscrewing in corrosive and abrasive environments

Authors: I.Yu. Bykov, E.S. Yushin (Ukhta State Technical University, RF, Ukhta)

Key words: testing stand, tubing thread, screwing and unscrewing tubes, thread wear, corrosive environments.

The purpose of work is test the wear for wear of threaded connections of oilfield tubes and assessment of influence of methods of hardening and restoration for their operational resource. Subject of work is development of a design of the stand for tests of threaded connections of tubes of an oilfield assortment in hostile corrosive and abrasive environment. The design of the stand allows making tests of tube threaded at screwing and unscrewing in the corrosion or abrasive environment with creation of axial load on a thread mechanically and also provides a supply and offtake of the working agent. The mode of control of degree of wear of threads at test of threaded connections of tubing is considered and consists in spacing measurement between the ends of controlled details or by means of calibers after the quantity number of cycles of screwing and unscrewing.

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