Application of the theory of fuzzy algorithms for well interventions planning

Authors: R.A. Gulamov, B.A. Khadzhikhanov (National Holding Company Uzbekneftegaz, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent)

Key words: analysis, assessment of well intervention, complex approach, the theory of fuzzy algorithms, adoption of solutions.

Achieving tangible results from the implementation of work on development of hydrocarbon production is highly dependent on the effectiveness of the well intervention. Efficiency of realized well interventions, especially in developed oil and gas fields, depends оn the correct choice of candidate wells. Success selection of wells depends largely on the coverage degree of the analysis of geological and technological parameters of candidate wells which are systemic factors at the stage of planning. The authors propose to use in the planning of well intervention an effective optimizing mathematical instrument - the theory of fuzzy algorithms that can reasonably choose candidate wells with a decrease in the time spent on the required procedures as compared to commonly used methods of solutions to these task. As an example on the use of fuzzy algorithms in the article the authors present a solution to the problem of production planning of the water shut to downhole North Urtabulak.
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