Improving the effectiveness of application of the physical-chemical technologies at Verkh-Tarskoye field

Authors: L.S. Brilliant, A.S. Zavialov, A.V. Kibirev (TING CJSC, RF, Tyumen), V.N. Nesterov (Neftisa NK OJSC, RF, Moscow), A.V. Baryshnikov (Uralnefteservis CJSC, RF, Perm) , D.R. Galeev (Novosibirskneftegaz OJSC, RF, Novosibirsk)

Key words: fluid movement profile, discharge pressure, viscoelastic gel compositions, technogenic fracturing, field.

The effectiveness of the carried out measures on the injection of different chemical compositions in Verkh-Tarskoye field conditions is analyzed. The substantiation of the possibility of increasing the potential of the fluid movement profile leveling technology - reacting wells watering decrease, increase of the effect longevity is given.
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