The composition of rocks and residual hydrocarbons in the flooded-out zones of Romashkinskoye field reservoirs

Authors: G.P. Kayukova, A.R. Aglyamiyev, A.M. Kiyamova (A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry KazSC RAS), L.M. Sitdikova, N.S. Sharipova, V.M. Smelkov (Kazan State University)

Features of the change of the hydrocarbon composition of residual oil in the flooded-out zones of Pashiyskiy Horizon reservoirs under long-term development are determined. Microstructural changes in rocks – reservoirs, caused by the degradation and regeneration processes, are revealed. It is shown, that asphaltenes and alcohol benzene resins domi - nated in the residual oil in strongly flooded-out sandy areas of terrigenous strata.

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