Oil accounting accuracy increase in the feed tanks of refineries

Authors: A.P. Bespalov, Yu.A. Tryapochkin (Tatneft OAO, RF, Almetyevsk),R.R. Akhmetzyanov, V.V. Samoylov (Tatintek OOO, RF, Almetyevsk)

Key words: interphase level, feed tank, emulsion layer, accuracy of accounting of oil in the tanks, preparation of oil, oil-water interface.

Questions of authenticity of oil in feed and commercial tanks accounting by UMF300 measurement system, which has been debugged by Tatintek OOO and Research Center of Multilevel Measurements OOO are considered. As a result of debugging of UMF300 system and obtaining quantitative characteristics in the emulsion zone at the experimental objects of Almetyevneft, Bavlyneft and Prikamneft oil and gas production departments it was succeeded to turn from labor-intensive and inaccurate method of determining the amount of oil in storage tanks and process vessels through sampling and samples analysis to the instrumental one and thus more accurate method of an oil accounting.

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