Experience of research and development of pre-Jurassic basement of Rogozhnikovskoye field

Authors: E.V. Nikolaeva (Surgutneftegaz OAO, SurgutNIPIneft, RF, Surgut)

Key words: pre-Jurassic rocks, Western Siberia, geodynamic environment, oil and gas content

To study the pre-Jurassic basement the systemic scientific-research and pilot projects were carried out at Rogozhnikovskoye field. Reasonable classification of rocks is executed, petro-types, most of which are reservoirs with different oil saturation, are selected. Initial conception about the pre-Jurassic basement of Rogozhnikovskoye license site is substantially changed. A substantial body of information, indicating the formation of volcanogenic complex in conditions of the continental margin, is accumulated.


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