Studying of features of a drainage area a waterfowl pool at interaction of horizontal wells Kravtsovskoye (Д-6) sea deposit

Authors: L.G. Kulpin, L.B. Obmorosheva (Oil and Gas Reseach Institute of RAS, NIPImorneft OAO) V.M. Desyatkov, A.I. Khubldikov (OOO «LUKOIL-Kaliningradmorneft»)
Results of introduction of an original software «Interpreter-M» for interpretation of the trade data with reference to a working sea oil deposit are discussed at studying of interaction of wells put into production fr om drilling (within the lim its of introduction of "the working out Technical scheme»).At interpretation of curves of change of pressure and an output in working horizontal wells filtratsionno-capacitor parameters of a productive layer as a whole on the areas, hydrodynamic features of a drainage area a disturbing well and filtration parameters around concrete observant wells are defined. A singular problem which dares only hydrolistening is definition communication between wells and degree of their interaction at drainage deposit.

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