Analysis of the work of magnetic activators for the protection from the paraffin depositions

Authors: A.A. Zlobin, I.R. Yushkov (Perm National Research Polytechnical University)
The analysis of the long running of magnetic activators for the protection of deep equipment from the deposits of paraffin is carried out based on the example of fields from different by viscosity oil of the Perm region. Trade tests are carried out in 69 wells on 20 oilfields of three large tectonic structures. Continuous operation of magnetic activators was 5 years. Analysis showed that during the four year old period the shielding effect monotonically grows to the maximum according to the nonlinear law, and then it begins to be lowered. It is obtained that the minimum forecast period of the retention of shielding effect on the technology of magnetic activation on the average comprises not less than 7-8 years.

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