Geochemical and thermogeodynamic criteria for prediction of Western Siberia basement oil and gas content

Authors: V.L. Chirkov, I.N. Gorbunov, S.V. Shadrina, E.V. Nikolaeva, T.A. Korovina, E.P. Kropotova (Surgutneftegaz OAO)
The prospects for oil and gas content of the pre-Jurassic rocks in Western Siberia are considered. The first detailed study of the material composition of the basement rocks to a depth of 500 m on the area of Rogozhnikovskoye and framing its license sites taking into account modern ideas about their formation is executed. The estimation of thermobarometric parameters and component composition of the gas-liquid inclusions in crystals, the analysis of carbon isotope composition in the oils and hydro-geological characteristics of the exposed rocks, re-interpretation of magnetic and gravimetric anomalies, isotopic study by the method of U-Pb zircon geochronology, palynological determinations and aerospace decoding are carried out. It is shown that the study area is composed of two macroblocks: metamorphic and sedimentary-volcanic ones. A description of each block is given. The conclusion is drawn that the studied area of the Earth’s crust is a tectonic collage of blocks, differing by petrological characteristics and structural-metamorphic evolution.

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