Palaeotectonic analysis of terrigenous deposits of Verkhnechonskoye oil field

Authors: N.V. Yankova (TNNC LLC)
The results of the paleotectonic analysis, performed by the method of V.B. Neyman, in which the thickness is designated as the first criterion of paleotectonic characteristics of each era, are considered.  It is established that the palaerelief of the basin ground at the moment of accumulation of the terrigenous stratum of nizhnemotskaya sub-suite MOT1 in the region of 3+4+5 and 2 blocks was a terraced surface. It is noted that the terraced structure of the surface of accumulation for the sediments of the lower part of the section allows to take a fresh look at the occurrence of gravelites at the lower part of the section and to correlate them as a bodies of submeridional trend along the terraces.

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