Prospects of deposits involvement in the development in cavernous fractured reservoirs of Bazhenovsko-Abalakskiy complex at Gazpromneft-Khantos LLC fields

Authors: A.V. Baryshnikov, O.A. Kofanov, S.L. Tarasov (Gazpromneft-Khantos LLC), E.D. Glukhmanchuk, V.V. Krupitsky, A.B. Leontjevsky (CGM OOO)

It is noted that a necessary condition for obtaining a commercial flowing influx is the presence of carbonate interlayers in the profile of the Bazhenovsko-Abalakskiy complex. The results of the study of postsedimentation transformations are given. Tectonophysical simulation is carried out. Model of the distribution of ground pressure in the rocks of the Bazhenovsko-Abalakskiy complex at the edges of the lateral structures is calculated.

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