Activation of oil wells by means of case solid propellant gas generators and use of the materials which are not littering a wellsite

Authors: M.B. Glebov, A.P. Denisyuk, Yu.G. Shepelev, E.M. Koltsova, V.M. Lazarev, A.V. Zhensa, A.V. Moiseev (D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia)
A solid-propellant gas generator for oil well treatment has been developed to increase oil recovery. The gas generator features by both a new ignition method of the solid-propellant charge and material of the housing which reacts with a well liquid to prevent oil well contamination. Solutions have been proposed that allow choosing the characteristics of the solid-propellant charge for treatment of a specific oil well depending on mineral composition of oil-bearing rocks. The chemical interaction of solid composition’s burning products between various rocks is investigated.

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