June 2010

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  • Изучение нефтегазоносности кристаллического фундамента в платформенной части Республики Башкортостан
  • О совместимости методов увеличения нефтеотдачи пластов, применяемых на месторождениях ОАО «Татнефть»
  • Результативность долговременного мониторинга совместной разработки пластов системами одновременно-раздельной добычи на Приобском месторождении
  • Классификация эксплуатационных объектов с трудноизвлекаемыми запасами углеводородов
Readers in the numbers:
  • Study of oil and gas platform in the crystalline basement of the Republic of Bashkortostan
  • On the compatibility of methods to increase oil recovery, used in the fields of OJSC "Tatneft"
  • The impact of long-term monitoring of the joint development of reservoir systems simultaneously, separate production at Priobskoye
  • Classification of operating facilities with hard hydrocarbon reserves

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Geology and geological exploration

A.V. Shuvalov, E.V. Lozin, R.Kh. Masagutov (Bashneft ANK OAO, Bashneft-Geoproekt OOO)
Study of oil-and-gas content of the crystalline basement in the platform part of Bashkortostan Republic

The areas of the crystalline basement occurrence at great depths are considered. The presence of decompaction zones in the massifs of crystalline rocks, containing traces of bituminosity and saturated with water, similar in composition and mineralization to stratal waters of known oil fields, is confirmed.

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A.V. Gorbatikov, M.Yu. Stepanova (Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS), A.A. Tsukanov (Zarubezhneft JSC), O.V. Tinakin, A.Yu. Komarov, S.L. Odintsov, A.K. Tokman (Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan LLC)
New technology of microseismic sounding in the tasks of studying the deep structure of oil and gas fields

Microseismic sounding method observations by Rayleigh waves in the territory of the Astrakhan gas condensate field are carried out. The spatial variations of intensity of natural microseismic background in the frequency range from 0.03 Hz to 1 Hz are analyzed. Estimates of three-dimensional distribution of relative velocities of S-waves to depths of several tens of kilometers are obtained. New data on the structure of Astrakhan gas condensate field as a result of research, carried out by the microseismic sounding method, are obtained.

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A.A. Shvets (PermNIPIneft LLC)
The lithofacies analysis of tula terrigenous deposits of the Polazna oil field

Are determined litotips deposits on wells with use of the data of a core and GIS. The lithofacies analysis of tula terrigenous deposits of the Polazna Field was made. This analysis included the creation of 3D digital sedimentation models. Conditions of sedimentations of these deposits were defined, moreover the facies boundaries were determined.

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Drilling of chinks

S.E. Chernyshov (Perm State Technical University)
Improvement of sidetracks construction technology

It is proved the necessity of increasing the diameter of the sidetracks and change the construction of the first wells. The compositions of expanding plugging solutions for cementing sidetracks under normal and elevated temperatures is developed. Assessment of the impact of secondary opening methods of productive layers on cement stone safety is given. Gentle method of secondary autopsy of reservoir - sand-slit perforation is offered.

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The development and exploitation of oil deposits

S.N. Zakirov, I.M. Indrupskiy, E.S. Zakirov, D.P. Anikeev (IPNG RAN)
Classification and methodology of estimating oil and gas reserves

It is shown, that along with the classification of oil and gas reserves their stucturing is expedient. In addition the correction of the reserves estimation methodology and 3D computer modeling is required.

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A.V. Baryshnikov, V.V. Sidorenko (Gazpromneft-Khantos LLC), M.I. Kremenetskiy (Gazpromneft NTC LLC)
Long-term bottom-hole production monitoring efficiency in case of commingled production by down-hole equipment on Priobskoye oilfield

Paper present bottom-hole production monitoring results in case of commingled production by ESP pumps. Particularized down-hole equipment is used for production management from commingled formations. Ways of technological improvement of measurement and interpretation are presented. Case study shows long-term bottom-hole production monitoring in case of commingled production may be used not only for production control but also for estimation of reservoir pressures and productivity index and permeability of each formation. It is also possible for multiphase flow.

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R.R. Ibatullin, E.D. Podymov, E.P. Vasiljev (TatNIPIneft), V.V. Slesareva (Nauka OOO)
Compatibility of enhanced oil recovery methods applied in Tatneft fields

The purpose of the study is to justify selection of a certain EOR technology based on the results of its practical application. The results of the study are needed to plan economically effective operation of TATNEFT Company in the short term. The paper describes processes taking place in a reservoir when different chemical agents have been injected. Positive and negative factors affecting the efficiency of technologies are described; results of different technologies in the same initial conditions are evaluated. The authors analyze the performance of different EOR technologies in the same area and in the same well.

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I.V. Kuleshkov, V.S. Kolbikov (Rosneft-NTC LLC)
Classification of production zones with hard-to-recover hydrocarbon reserves

This work is devoted to hydrocarbon fields classification based on the complexity of theirs development. The method proposed takes into account geography and climate of the field, heterogeneity, rock properties, PVT properties, depositional environment and also – state interest in development of that type of fields. The classification directs to use of highly effective methods of field development and to ensure rofitability of new frontiers today and ahead.

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A.Kh. Shakhverdiev (NP ISIPN RAEN), G.M. Panakhov, E.M. Abbasov (IMM NAS of Azerbaijan), Huimin Zeng (COSL, China), Yigang Liu (CNOOC, China), Shunyao Luo (GCC Group Corp., USA)
The innovative technology of residual hydrocarbons reserves recovery by in-situ generation of carbon dioxide

The mechanism of gas generation in situ conditions with the formation of fluidized gas-liquid system, which is used as a fringe for oil displacement and the layer coverage increasing, is considered. The effectiveness of technology of intrastratal gas-liquid fringe generation based on CO2 for enhanced oil recovery is shown.

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A.V. Grishagin, L.A. Akifieva, G.I. Dolganova, V.A. Kolesnikov, G.B. Semenova (SamaraNIPIneft LLC)
Geological-and-hydrological substantiation brine pumping into absorbing beds (geological horizon) in Samara Region

The article describes a conceptual scheme of the integrated system for «oil dehydration – reservoir pressure maintenance – waste water disposal». A series of oilfields belonging to Samaraneftgaz were studied with regard to the structure of deep intake horizons, their reservoir and intake properties, regional seals, and compatibility of injected water, intake horizon water and reservoir rocks. The presented examples demonstrate the ranking of examined intake horizons based on their stratigraphical, geological, physical, hydrodynamic and chemical properties collection, which helps to select proper reservoir zones for the waste water disposal.

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R.T. Shakirova, V.Yu. Kondakova, D.S. Danilov (TatNIPIneft)
Analysis of geological structure and efficiency of horizontal technology application on Novo-Suksinskoye field

Bobrikov pool of Novo-Suksinskoye oil field has complex geological structure and unique characteristics: presence of all three formations C1br13, C1br12, C1br11 and at the same time insignificant compartmentalization due to junction and high oil-bearing thickness. These factors are favourable for construction of horizontal and multilateral horizontal wells. Efficiency analysis showed that drilling of multilateral horizontal wells on the field is effective if horizontal section of the wellbore passes through the most permeable part of the formation at the distance of at least 5-10 meters from oil-water contact.

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V.L. Terentjev, K.S. Grigorjev, K.M. Fedorov (SIAM-Engineering OOO), R.R. Bakhitov (Vankorneft CJSC)
Theory and practice of interpretation of horizontal well pressure-transient

A method of interpretation of horizontal well pressure-transient, when the time for study is not enough to get the full information necessary to determine all the parameters of bottomhole zone, is suggested. The method is based on the integration of data of field-geophysical studies and geological and hydrodynamic models for the restoration of all the required parameters. Examples of this method application for interpretation of the data of pressure-transient for three wells of Vankor field are given.

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B.F. Sazonov, A.G. Ponomarev, G.N. Berezhnaya, E.K. Solozhenkina, A.D. Smolina (B.F. Sazonov Technological Center OOO)
The wells grid density in the late stage of development of oil deposit

The recommendations for the wells grid density optimization in the late stage of field development, taking into account the residual reserves and active wells, are given. The most effective measures for the residual reserves recovery are considered. Examples of their successful application are given.

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R.F. Nurullin, A.I. Nikiforov (Institute of Mechanics & Engineering, Kazan Scientific Centre of RAS)
About efficiency of thermogels using in waterflooding of oil reservoirs

The model of oil displacement by gel-forming systems is presented. Influence of reservoir properties on time of reservoir exploitation and oil recovery is analyzed on numerical examples.

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I.V. Prozorova, N.V. Yudina, N.A. Nebogina, Yu.V. Loskutova, G.I. Volkova (Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Siberian Branch of RAS)
Selection of inhibitor and depressor additive for oil of the Verhnechonsky oilfield

On an example of oil of the Verhnechonsky oilfield deposit formation in a range of temperatures of a stream of oil 50-10 °С and temperatures of deposit formation surfaces -30 … +30 °С is studied. For formation prevention of asphalt-resinparaffin deposit it is tested industrially let out 10 additives of depressor and inhibitor type. It is shown that efficiency of inhibitor additives depends on oil temperature. The maximum inhibitor and depressor effect in the field of negative temperatures of oil is reached with addition of an additive by SIM-DP.

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U.Sh. Mekhtiyev, Sh.P. Kyazymov, I.Yu. Efendiyev, T.I. Efendiyev (Scientific Researches Institute of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic), M.B. Babayev (Azneft Production Association)
The new technology of water isolation in the oil wells

The new technology of water isolation by the elastic mass is suggested. And this mass has the high adhesion to layer rock, heat endurance and the selective characteristic which is got under interaction of wastes of the light oil products purification and calcium naphthenes with salt solution of the chloric calcium.

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Kh.F. Azizov (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University), A.N. Lopukhov (Samotlorneftegaz OJSC)
Statistical analysis of technological efficiency of geological and engineering operations in Samotlor oilfield

The article covers the statistical evaluation method of efficiency of geological and technical actions (well interventions) in producing well stock, based on their hydrodynamic interactions. The analysis of increasing the rate of fluid sampling from wells of Mykhpaiskaya area, Samotlor oilfield, has been completed. Based on small sample theory the hypotheses was tested with respect to the statistical significance of mean well flow rates difference prior to geological and technical actions and following them.

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I.N. Ponomareva (Perm State Technical University)
For processing of recovery curves of pressure of low-productive wells

Questions of approximation of the fact sheet received at hydrodynamic researches of extracting wells, their further processing by a method of the determined moments of pressure are considered. It is shown that at carrying out of the given procedure it is expedient to use logarithmic dependences.

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L.A. Magadova, E.G. Gaevoy, M.D. Pakhomov, V.B. Gubanov, M.M. Mukhin, M.V. Trofimova, N.S. Markova (Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Intensifying acid composition for the treatment of low-permeability carbonate reservoirs and terrigenous reservoirs with high carbonate content

Considered are traditional acid compositions for the wells operation intensification. The studies of reagent Himeko-TK-2-K, developed by the experts of Himeko-GANG ZAO, are executed. The high effectiveness of this composition at the treatment of high-temperature low-permeable carbonate reservoirs and terrigenous reservoirs with high carbonate content is shown.

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E.E. Ramazanova, R.S. Gurbanov (Azerbaijan State Oil Academy), N.B. Nasibov (BP)
A new approach to the study of gas-lift wells in the regime of steady withdrawals

It is shown, that for the study of gas-lift wells it is sufficient to construct the relationship between flow rate and working substance flow rate or between the pressure and working substance flow rate. An approach to the transition from the first dependence to the second one at conservation of the method of study results processing is suggested.

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U.P. Kuvanyshev (VNIIneft OAO), O.U. Kuvanysheva (Gazprom Neft JSC)
On the maximum rate of oil withdrawal

The dynamics of oil recovery as a fraction of initial recoverable reserves is considered. The maximum rate of oil withdrawal from 98 oil fields of Russia and CIS countries are given. It is shown that with increasing the time of achieving the project level the maximum rate of recovery decreases, while the time of its achievement depends on the rate of wells putting into operation and it is controlled indicator. It is noted that the early achievement of the maximum rate of withdrawal reduces the main period of field development.

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Engineering and technology of an oil recovery

A.A. Gareev (Nizhnesortymskneft NGDU)
About the gas separation at the pump suction

An expression for separation factor determining at the pumping equipment suction in the field conditions is obtained. Dependence of separation factor on the pumping rate of the electric rotary pump and downhole sucker-rod pumpfacilities is given. It is noted that the results of studies on the expression, obtained for the separation factor determination, will more accurately select the pumping equipment for oil recovery.

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A.S. Kuznetsov (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University), M.M. Ivankiv, S.G. Schergin, K.A. Kuznetsov (Surgutneftegaz OAO)
Effect of pulling units reliability on the effectiveness of wells remedial work teams

The dynamics of down time of well repair work teams, caused by the failures of pulling units, is given. The results of reliability studies of the basic components of pulling units AR32/40M are presented. The parameters and the laws of distributions of mean-time-between-failures of the inspected pulling units components are determined.

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B.V. Rogeluk, A.Kh. Ibragimov, A.A. Khakimov (Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz OJSC), K.N. Ivontiev, V.Ya. Kabo, A.V. Vishnyakova, A.A. Mileyko (Neftehimengineering LLC)
Research results and experience in application of RDN-U reagent in technological killing fluids

This article presents results of research and experience in application of surface-active RDN-U reagent in technological killing fluids for the purpose of reduction of negative influence of traditional killing fluids on a water and salt-water basis.

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A.I. Shipilov, E.V. Krutikhin, E.V. Golubtsova, Yu.V. Ivshin (POLYEX JSC)
The investigation of emulsification and corrosion processes when selecting the inhibitors

Influence of hydrochloric acid corrosion inhibitors on stability of acid-oil emulsion and speed of corrosion attack, including at the heightened temperature is investigated. It is established, that the nature of inhibitor, used for protection of the metal equipment against acid corrosion, significantly influences on stability of acid-oil emulsion formed at the contact of acid and oil. Inhibitor «Soling», specially developed for oil and gas industry, efficiently protects the metal
equipment from acid corrosion, including at high temperatures, reduces interfacial tension on the boundary acid – oil, and destroys acid-oil emulsion.

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The oil-field equipment

A.Atnagulov (RN-UfaNIPIneft LLC), I.Ishemguzhin (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University)
Prediction mean time between failures electrocentrifugal pumping units before descent in a hole and an estimation of its residual resource at operation

Before commissioning and during all period of work of the pumping outfit for oil production is necessary to predict its technical state  and to define a residual resource, with the purpose of planning of repair work and reduction of number of refusals. In this case it is possible to speak only about a probabilistic condition of pumping unit. For overestimate of a technical state of object recommended to use Bayes` theorem which will allow to consider the factors acting on concrete system and defining its technical condition.

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S.V. Khvostantsev (Geofizika NPP GT OOO)
Increasing the logging operations rate using ECOS-31-7 equipment

The results of the ECOS-31-7 equipment use to increase the rate of logging are considered. An experiment to test the possibility of reducing the measurement time while accuracy conservation is performed. The advantages of the new software at operator working with downhole tool are stated.

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Energy Saving

I.A. Nissenbaum, V.P. Frayshteter, I.G. Khatskelevich (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Power efficient management of oil-field pumping station performance

The problem of determination of pumping station rational performance management schemes, is determination of the number of pumping units, operating in parallel with an adjustable electric drive, is considered. Hydraulic characteristic and calculated power of the pumping station are given. The advantages of electric circuit of one frequency converter connection for a group of pumping units are marked.

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Pipeline transport of petroleum

A.R. Valeev (Ufa State Oil Technical University)
Construction of the seismoprotective support with ring springs

Modern construction requirements of pipeline protection in seismic active regions are analyzed according normativetechnical documents. The principles of protective constructions in these regions are discussed. The construction of a principally new type of a pipeline support is offered and calculated, which provides protection of the object in 3 dimensions. The scheme and the way of its realization is shown.

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Features of the GTI in the formation of oil and gas service

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Modern technologies of well test data at all stages of field development

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Unknown "Oil Industry"

Yu.V. Evdoshenko (JSC "Publishing House" Oil Industry ")
N.T. Lindtrop - discoverer of the water drive in Grozny

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