May 2010

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13-я международная выставка "НЕФТЕГАЗ-2010"

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13th international exhibition "NEFTEGAZ-2010"

65 years of a great Victory

Difficult oil of the Victory

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Oil and gas industry

R.Kh. Muslimov (Kazan State University)
Hydrocarbon potential of the Earth and the prospects of satisfaction of the oil and gas needs

It is shown, that the Earth has enormous hydrocarbon potential to meet the needs of mankind for hundreds of years. However, the era of cheap oil is over. The development of hard-to-recover oil requires higher and more costly technologies.

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S.E. Donskoy (RF Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), M.N. Grigoryev (Center for Geological Consulting «Gecon»)
Geological sector’s goals in managing the development of hydrocarbon mineral resources clusters

In planning oil and gas sector development and the development of Russia’s regions, the Natural Resources Ministry is taking the new target-oriented approach based on cluster analyses. The paper tells about the main principles of the new approach, describes practical experience of various regions in breaking up oil mineral resources clusters (oil production technological centers) and its results, and sets forth the top-priority goals for the geological sector.

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R.S. Khisamov (Tatneft OAO)
Tax incentives for the oil recovery stabilization and budget effectiveness of tax differentiation on the mining operations on Romashkinskoye oil field

Given are the data, reflecting the efficiency of the system of Tax Incentives for oil recovery, introduced in the Republic of Tatarstan in 1995 in three lines: continuation of marginal and high flooded well stock operation; putting into operation of new wells, introduction of methods of enhanced reservoir recovery - and envisaging the reduction in excise tax, fee for recovered minerals, exemption of payments to the mineral resources reproduction fund. Shown is the efficiency of the introduction in 2006 of the differentiated tax on the mining operations on Romashkinskoye field, which allowed during 2007-2009 to get 3.556 rubles of additional taxes and fees on 1 ruble of allowances.

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S.M. Sokolov, V.A. Gorbatikov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Western Siberia oil fields construction: from principles of construction to the problems of modernization

Formulated is a new research direction in oil and gas production – fields construction in conditions of marshes and permafrost rocks. The necessity of extending the set of previously adopted field construction principles due to the oil production conditions changing is marked. The problem of regulation of the design services industry market is considered.

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The basic indicators of work of oil and gas branches of a fuel and energy complex of Russia for January-March, 2010

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Oil and gas companies

Mathematical modelling and computer technologies in working out of deposits

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Interview to the assistant to the general director of Open Society "Zarubejneft" V.A.Klinchevym

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News of the companies-founders

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A.V. Shegimago, V.V. Korsun (RussNeft NK OAO)
RussNeft Company looks into the future with confidence

The geological features of the territory of Russneft NK OAO activity are given. The experience of Company fields development is considered. Plans on the Russneft resource base expansion are presented.

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Economy, management, legality

I.A. Ponomareva, N.A. Eremin (IPNG RAN)
An alternative approach and the economic concept of classifying of oil and gas resources and reserves in market conditions

An alternative approach and the economic concept of integrated assessment of oil and gas resources and reserves on the basis of rent theory, adapted to market conditions, are recommended. It is noted, that this approach is more perfect, science-based, increases validity of the resources and reserves classification, ensures the reliability of the optimal prediction of production, obtaining maximum net discount revenue, comparable to the foreign approach and has to supplement the project of a new classification of resources and reserves of hydrocarbons.

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Geology and geological exploration

E.N. Trofimova, E.V. Alekseeva, E.A. Medvedeva, I.Sh. Usmanov, G.A. Kurilenkova (SurgutNIPIneft), A.M. Karlov (Talakanneft NGDU)
Core macroinvestigation for study the conditions of formation of the recent sedimentary structure of the West Siberian mantle

It is stated, that the recent sedimentary profile of the West Siberian mantle is the product of long-term compensatory reorganization of the clastic sedimentary material in the process of tectonic movements. The importance of macroinvestigation of the core material for learning the structure of oil and gas horizons is noted.

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V.A. Boldyreva (IG&RGI), A.A. Chernov (Pangeya ZAO)
Seismic-gravimetric modeling of the reef bodies in the Timano-Pechorskaya province

The results of the analysis of gravimagnetic and seismic data for estimation oil prospects of identified reef formations in the Devonian, Carboniferous and Silurian sediments at one site in the Timano-Pechorskaya province are presented. The scheme of the first horizontal derivative of gravity anomalies and geological-density cross-section along the interpretive profile are given.

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Drilling of chinks

I.V. Gryaznov (Drilling Materials TD OOO), E.A. Konovalov, Yu.A. Ivanov (Branch Aprelevskoye department of VNIGNI), V.A. Zotov (Drilling Technology Service Center ZAO)
Wast drilling mud as a material for the preparation of drilling process fluids

The formulations of treated drilling fluids, as well as time of gel and jelly formation are given. Field tests of the technology of production of nepheline concentrate sol of powder materials from the treated drilling fluids, called KAS, are executed.

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The development and exploitation of oil deposits

S.A. Ananyev, F.R. Yakhshibekov (Surgutneftegaz OAO), V.D. Gorgots (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft)
Ways of solving the problem of injection wells casing in salt deposits at the license sites of Surgutneftegas OAO in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

It is shown, that the problem of salt deposits stabilization at the license areas and fields of Surgutneftegaz OAO in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is in lack at least of a small impermeable interlayer of argillite or clays with thickness of 30-50 m for reliable fixing of string by tamping solutions and other technical facilities. The optimal conditions for research intake capacity of wells are determined. Other complicating factors in the producing and exploratory wells and some results of study on the water inrush model are given. Basis of the water inrush prevention on the casing string-borehole annuity in salt deposits is systematized. The results of experimental-field works are given.

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V.V. Isaeva, I.A. Gaakh (TatNIPIneft), V.A. Isaev, L.M. Mironova, N.I. Rylov (Nauka OOO)
The use of project estimated well fund on underlaying objects for supplementary margin zones of stretches and top horizons

Under still ongoing economic crisis operators make every effort to cut capital expenses on drilling of new exploratory and appraisal wells. For this reason Djalilneft NGDU uses the projected appraisal wells for supplementary exploration of edge by-passed zones and uppermost horizons. This will allow to identify new targets in the upper part of the cross-section, to improve well logging interpretation algorithm, to determine rock quality in the upper intervals, to position phase contacts, to assess oil reserves and to improve their category, and to optimize approved production systems with minimum costs.

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G.T. Bulgakova, A.R. Sharifullin, R.Ya. Kharisov, A.V. Bayzigitova, A.G. Telin (RN-Ufanipineft LLC), A.V. Pestrikov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC)
Laboratory and theoretical researches of matrix acid-based carbonates processing

The present paper represents the results of experiments made with the cores from carbonate formations with sand-a -levrolite layers. The experiments showed a strong influence of heterogeneity of the carbonate formation on its flow loss properties during acid treatment of formation. On the basis of the said experiments the averaged model of acid solution of the carbonate matrix was built which takes into account a possible accumulation of sediments. The mathematical model includes the empiric formula to determine the velocity of settled particles concentration and porous rock permeability change. Matching of the model with the real physical process is carried out through comparison of calculated gradient pressure value of the flow with the laboratory data obtained from core experiments.

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O.Yu. Kashnikov (PermNIPIneft OOO), S.V. Gladyshev, S.N. Popov, Yu.A. Kashnikov (Perm State Technical University)
Optimization of parameters and period of reservoir pressure maintenance system commissioning taking into account changes in reservoir filtration-capacity properties

The results of estimation of the reservoir filtration properties changes effect on the main technological development performance with use of hydrodynamic model are given. It is shown, that in the Perm Krai terrigenous reservoirs have various degree of compressibility, that must be considered at determining the optimal periods of commissioning and parameters of reservoir pressure maintenance system.

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E.V. Lozin, S.A. Groshev (Bashneft-Geoproekt OOO)
Geological and physical characteristics and features of design of Serafimovskoye field further development

The current state of Serafimovskoye field development is considered. Geological and physical characteristics of the productive strata are given. The distribution of recoverable oil reserves is shown. The main lines of work on the remaining oil reserves post recovery are determined.

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A.V. Sidorov, I.O. Promzelev, S.V. Tulenkov, V.N. Semenov (Tyumen Oil Research Center OOO)
Estimation of condensate bank effect on the productivity of well with hydraulic fracturing of achimovskoye deposit formation

The process of condensate bank formation due to the accumulation of liquid hydrocarbons in the borehole zone, being characteristic to gas-condensate pools, is considered. The effect of this zone on the productivity of gas- condensate wells with hydraulic fracturing of achimovskoye deposit formation is estimated. The possibility of condensate bank diagnosis by the pressure recovery curves derivatives is shown.

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A.N. Ivanov, A.I. Shchekin (Vietsovpetro JV)
The hydraulic fracturing influence on the development of the reservoirs in the Lower Oligocene of the White Tiger oil field

The article discuses the example of the productive strata development in the Lower Oligocene reservoirs of the White Tiger oilfield considering particularly the influence of hydraulic fracturing on the energy state of the production zone. We show that the reduced duration of the effect of hydraulic fracturing results mainly from reservoir pressure drop due to increased fluid recovery and insufficient development of flooding system

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S.A. Vezhnin (Tomskneft VNK OAO), V.K. Nechaev (NOVAS OOO)
Application of plasma pulse exposure technology to injectivity profile alignment

It is noted, that the technology of plasma-impulse exposure is used both for injectivity profile alignment, and to increase the total intake capacity of well. The results of treatment of Vakhskoye field injection wells by this technology are given. The production drawdown decline on the producing wells, located in the area of action of the treated injection wells, is stated.

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R.A. Rezvanov (IPNG RAN, Pangeya ZAO)
Studying the distribution of water saturation in the near contact zone of hydrocarbon accumulation

A rational order of the capillarometry data use to determine the distribution of water saturation coefficient along the height of the transition zone from the edge waters to saturation zone limit is considered. The problems of capillarometry and well survey data complexification are considered.

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G.P. Kayukova, A.R. Aglyamiyev, A.M. Kiyamova (A.E. Arbuzov Institute of Organic and Physical Chemistry KazSC RAS), L.M. Sitdikova, N.S. Sharipova, V.M. Smelkov (Kazan State University)
The composition of rocks and residual hydrocarbons in the flooded-out zones of Romashkinskoye field reservoirs

Features of the change of the hydrocarbon composition of residual oil in the flooded-out zones of Pashiyskiy Horizon reservoirs under long-term development are determined. Microstructural changes in rocks – reservoirs, caused by the degradation and regeneration processes, are revealed. It is shown, that asphaltenes and alcohol benzene resins domi - nated in the residual oil in strongly flooded-out sandy areas of terrigenous strata.

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Oil and gas service

Interview to the general director of Joint-Stock Company "Тюменьнефтепроект"

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V.S. Novikov (Volgograd State Architecture and Civil Engineering University), L.V. Rodimov, A.S. Novikov (Service Group OOO)
Efficiency of well construction management

Well construction management business situation is considered. Current problems in the supervisor work are stated and ways to solve existing problems are suggested.

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N.A. Chirkov, M.A. Gladkikh, V.L. Egorova (JSC Udmurtneft), A.R. Panteleeva, R.F. Tishankina, S.V. Polovnyak (JSC Napor)
An integrated approach to solving corrosion problems oilfield equipment Krasnogorsk Field JSC Udmurtneft

The publication summarizes the results of the project «Integrated improve the corrosion situation Krasnogorskiy oilfield JSC «Udmurtneft» at all stages of oil production and maintaining of stratum's pressure.

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Engineering and technology of an oil recovery

T.R. Musabirov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC)
Production optimizatoin from low permeability reservoirs during transient flow regime

The paper describes some important issues of low-permeability reservoirs development during transient flow regime. Optimization method for ESP well transient performance is considered. Using semianalytic integrated model of «wellreservoir » system optimal parameters of ESP selection for transient regime are defined. The results can be applied in assessing the efficiency of well production optimization during transient regime.

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A.V. Baryshnikov (Gazpromneft-Khantos OOO), D.B. Polyakov, R.F. Shaymardanov (Lift Oil OOO)
Experience in implementing and improving the technology of simultaneous-separate operation of wells in the south license territory of the Priobskoye field

Features of the organization of the system of simultaneous-separate operation of wells are considered. The main lines of improving the downhole equipment for simultaneous-separate operation and injection are given. The work on the long-term monitoring of together operating strata is carried out.

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D.I. Aptekar (Institute of Power Electronics ZAO), E.Kh. Muratbakeev (Saint-Petersburg State Mining Institute)
Emergency management to reduce losses at oil recovery

The types of losses that may occur at mains interruption are considered. The permitted outage duration for synchronous and asynchronous motors, at which their self-starting is possible, is determined. A review of devices, designed to restore power supply to consumers, is executed. It is concluded about the preferred use of devices of thyristor automatic reserve switch at the oil recovery objects.

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The oil-field equipment

Automatic keys for an oil recovery

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Definition phase debits chinks with the help flowmeters Roxar

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Exchange of a know-how

V.V. Dmitruk, S.N. Rakhimov (Gazprom podzemremont Urengoy OOO), A.A. Boyarkin, E.N. Shtakhov (RosTEKtekhnologii NPP OOO)
Improving the effectiveness of killing wells of Urengoyskoye field

A formula of the blocking composition RGS-100 is developed. Field tests of basic blocking composition RGS-100 are conducted. The change of blocking solutions effective viscosity with time is shown. Different filler materials for blocking solutions are selected. The main types of work on stimulation of production and wells repair are presented.

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Scientifically-practical conference «the Information technology in designing» – 10 years

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