Cross-well electromagnetic investigation – EMI data modeling. Efremov field case study

Authors: А.V. Vitevsky, S.V. Valeev (RN-Yuganskneftegas LLC), G.V. Makarychev, Ye.A. Karpekin (Schlumberger Logelco Inc.)
Successful operation (high flowrates) of a future well is greatly dependent on selecting a correct target for sidetra cking. Application of a well logging tool that allows determining current saturation of the formation in the cross-well area enab les to reduce uncertainty in the process of sidetrack candidate selection. Cross-well electromagnetic investigation – EMI* is one of such tools that records distribution of electromagnetic properties of rocks in the cross-well area. In depositional environment of typical terrigenous sedimentary section of the Efremov field this method becomes an informative solution for selecting the areas for infill sidetrack drilling.

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