Metasomatic dolomitization and oil-and-gas content of carbonate rocks

Authors: N.P. Zapivalov (Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics SO RAN)
It is shown, that the natural metasomatic nanoprocesses promote the formation of high-yield reservoirs, especially in
carbonate rocks of the Phanerozoic. It is proposed to initiate the accelerated technogeneous process of metasoma -
tic dolomitization and create high-yield centers in the fields. As a result the voids specific surface will be increased,
many processes in the reservoir system will be activated: the fracturing formation, fluid mass flow from the block matrix
to the fissures and even the formation of new hydrocarbon masses. Percolation processes will be greatly intensified,
wells deliverability and oil recovery will be increased. Successful exploitation of the proposed nanotechnology can
have a significant influence on the time of field development and final oil recovery ratio.

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