January 2010

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  • Р.Х. Муслимов "О стандарте инновационного проектирования разработки месторождений углеводородов с целью увеличения извлекаемых запасов" (в порядке обсуждения).
  • М.М. Хасанов, колл. авт. "Метод интерпретации отжима динамического уровня с использованием современных подходов к расчету многофазного потока".
  • А.В. Мальшаков "Перколяционный подход к математическому моделированию прерывистого пласта для оценки коэффициента охвата вытеснением при проектировании разработки"
  • Т.В. Юрецкая, А.Г. Перекупка "Влияние порядка смешения компонентов на эффективность и синергизм композиций ингибиторов АСПО".
    In this issue:
  • R.Kh. Muslimov "On the standard of an oil fields development innovative design with the purpose of increase recoverable reserves".
  • M.M. Khasanov, V.A. Krasnov, R.A. Khabibullin, A.A. Pashali "Method for fluid level depression test interpretation based on modern multiphase flow calculation techniques".
  • A.V. Malshakov "Percolation approach to mathematical modeling of discontinuous bed for sweep efficiency of oil displacement evaluation at development designing".
  • T.V. Yuretskaya, A.G. Perekupka "Effect of the components mixing order on the efficiency and synergism of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits inhibitors compositions".

Oil and gas companies

News of the companies-founders

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Standardization and technical regulation

R.Kh. Muslimov (Kazan State University)
On the standard of an oil fields development innovative design with the purpose of increase recoverable reserves

It is shown, that the cardinal solution to the problem of rational development of oil fields with the achievement of high oil recovery can be obtained on the basis of innovative design. It is necessary to develop a new generation standard – Schedule of innovative design of development and optimization of hydrocarbon fields reserve recovery at their continuous replenishment, taking into account the analysis of international experience, conducting research, development of own or adaptation of existing process solutions of the problem, etc.

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V.I. Balaba (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Reconstruction or well-workover operation?

It is shown, that differing interpretations of the terms reconstruction and well-workover operation in various normative documents leads to disputes between business entities, rating authorities and state control authorities, which is unacceptable.

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Geology and geological exploration

L.F. Naydenov (Tyumen Oil Research Center LLC), D.V. Romanov, S.N. Rasputin (Tagulskoye LLC)
The geological structure and prospect of oil-and-gas content of the Upper Jurassic deposits of the Bolshekhetskaya Depression

The problems of stratigraphy, lithology, sedimentation and oil and gas content of the Upper Jurassik deposits of the Bolshekhetskaya Depression and its bordering are considered. Reservoir properties and morphology of sand-aleurolitic SG5-SG7 layers are analyzed. The conclusions about the distribution of structural and lithologic traps in the Upper Jurassic are made up and recommendations on the location of prospect drilling are given. The resource base of Upper Jurassic oil and gas complex – a reserve of the group of Vankorskoye fields is estimated.

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M.A. Monzherin, K.V. Ababkov, A.V. Sidnev (Ufa State Oil Technical Univercity)
The method of geometrical uncertainty estimation in geological risk analysis

Application of geometrical uncertainty estimation method in retrospective analysis is shown. This method allows numerically estimate possible errors in structural model and oil water contact level.

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G.D. Isaev (Research Center SIBGEONAFT Ltd.)
Zones emanation migration in stratigraphic cuts effect on redistribution of hydrocarbons

On the basis of supervision of tectonic signs, processes metasomatosis, character seal failure, traces of migration of hyd rocarbonic fluids in a core and in microsections at the documentation of superdeep chinks the conclusion about deep sources of hydrocarbons becomes. Lateral and subvertical zones of migration of fluids – major factors of redistribution hydrocarbons in rock sphere.

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S.V. Onuchin (Tomsk Polytechnic University)
Secondary transformation of reservoirs in oil-water contact zone

The basic processes of secondary mineral formation, proceeding in water-oil contact zones, are considered. Structu - ral-mineralogical zonality of reservoirs in water-oil contact zones is given. The scheme of change of the oil-satureted reservoir in the water-oil contact zone is given. It is noted, that change of rocks at the water-oil contact often determines the formation of a secondary porosity: sedimentogene pores increase, intragrain pores of leaching are formed, degree of pores intercommunication, porosity and permeability of rocks increase.

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The development and exploitation of oil deposits

M.M. Khasanov, V.A. Krasnov, R.A. Khabibullin, A.A. Pashali (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC), A.A. Semenov (Vankorneft CJSC)
Method for fluid level depression test interpretation based on modern multiphase flow calculation techniques

To increase the accuracy of bottomhole flowing pressure estimation, new method of depression test interpretation is presented. The method implements modern techniques of multiphase flow calculation and inverse problem regularization algorithm. Additional well performance data could also be obtained from this method of interpretation (GOR, annular gas rate and, in many cases, separation efficiency at the ESP intake). Comparing the results obtained using this method against actual measurements using multiphase flow meters and pump intake gauges has verified the confidence level of this method and model of well processes during fluid depression test.

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Yu.V. Lukyanov, A.V. Shuvalov (ANK Bashneft OAO), A.I. Kirillov, E.V. Lozin (Bashgeoproekt OOO)
History and experience in Tuimazinskoye oilfield development

The features of the geological structure of Tuimazinskoye field and geological-and-physical characteristics of the reservoirs are considered. The current state of the field development is analyzed. An efficiency of actions, performed for residual oil reserves additional recovery, is given.

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A.M. Kuznetsov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC), A.B. Baishev, V.V. Kuznetsov (VNIIneft OAO)
Determination of the initial water saturation and capillary curve by centrifugal method

The methods for the determination of capillary curves and residual water saturation of the productive rocks are considered. The advantages and limitations of direct and indirect methods are shown. The application of the centrifugal method as the most express and reliable at using of appropriate design formulas is substantiated.

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V.I. Galkin (Perm State Technical University), A.N. Shaikhutdinov (The Territorial Industrial Enterprise «Kogalymneftegas»)
Development of statistical models for predicting the oil flow rates by example jurassic deposits

A number of geological parameters, influencing the initial oil flow rates, has been analyzed. Statistical models for predicting the oil flow rates from upper-jurassic deposits of Kogalym region territory have been made. The oil flow rates have been forecasted according to a number of predicted traps.

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A.N. Khamidullina, I.A. Akhmetova (TatNIPIneft)
Refinement of geological structure and oil-gas condensate field development planning

This paper discusses development planning for oil, gas and condensate fields with complex geological and production conditions. Based on refined geological structure and 3D reservoir simulation results an effective plan for further development of the field has been developed.

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A.V. Malshakov (Tyumen Branch of SurgutNIPIneft)
Percolation approach to mathematical modeling of discontinuous bed for sweep efficiency of oil displacement evaluation at development designing

Discontinuous (random-inhomogeneous) bed is considered in the framework of model of percolation layer, for which the conception of correlation length is introduced. We present The problem of computing the correlation length of the percolation layer of finite thickness, in which some dimensions are larger than the correlation length, the other ones – are less, the volume fraction of conductors is close to the percolation threshold. The comparison of model results with empirical data is given.

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V.T. Pitkevich, G.V. Lozhkin, E.V. Moreva, I.I. Zubarev, A.V. Morev (SibNIINP OAO)
Physical modelling of relative phase permeabilities on the boundary of three-phase saturation zone

Two technological variants of gas-water bed stimulation are developed. The scheme of nonuniform bed stimulation with use of the compressor is given. The new generation three-phase filtration research device is created. The physical model of process of gas-water displacement of oil on samples of a core is developed.

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L.Kh. Kadyrov (Millionschikov Grozny State Oil Institute)
The water analysis of mezozoic deposits of the Chechen Republic, touched nature influence

The problem of very short operation period of watering out production wells is considered on an example of mezozoic deposits of the Chechen Republic. The mechanism of oil displacement during waterless period and watering out periods of deposits development is discussed as one of the most rational ways of hydrocarbons recovery enhancement.

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A.N. Lesnoj, E.M. Pjankova (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University)
Wells hydrolistening research at the solving of oil and gas fields development problems

Hydrolistening of wells of YuV11 layer of Novomolodyozhnoye field is executed. New capabilities of application of the given method are shown. Presence of a geological fault on a site of research is established. The assumption of primary influence of the injection well, located outside the considered site, on producing wells operation is made.

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I.A. Vinogradova (KogalymNIPIneft LLC)
Results of application of hydraulic fracturing technologies with control water cut in Western Siberia oilfields

The review of modern hydraulic fracturing (HF) technologies on decrease in risk high water cut is presented. Results of HF with use of Relative Permeability Modifiers, technologies ClearFRACTM and J-FRACTM per 2006-2008 in Western Siberia oilfields are shown, their comparison is given with “standard” hydraulic fracturing technologies. Problems are designated and recommendations in directions of perfection of hydraulic fracturing are given.

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V.A. Ivanov (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University), V.Ya. Solovjev (Ufa Instrument-making Production Association)
Hydrodynamical researches watering oil-wells on the established modes of selection

The presented results of hydrodynamical researches watering wells. The display diagrams added be display lins dependences of the debit of oil on depression. For the analysis of results of hydrodynamical researches it is offered to use dependence watering from the debit of extracted production.

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V.P. Mitrofanov, E.A. Sosnina, M.I. Ermakova (PermNIPIneft LLC)
Oil saturation of a pool in view of nonlimiting saturation zone

The water saturation of characteristic pools of the Bashkir layer of the Perm region is experimentally proved: a limiting oil saturation, a transition zone, a filtration of pure oil, pure water and equal oil and water. Dependences of these watersaturations and on porosity are established. The parameter of a relative water saturation and calculated value of a cri - tical water saturations on its basis is determined. It is noted, that this allows to differentiate the pool reliably on various zones by a water saturation, to estimate an oil saturation of a pool in view of its transition zone, to predict results of approbation.

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Oil production equipment and technology

V.N. Fedorov, V.A. Lushpeev, A.Sh. Ishkildin (SurgutNIPIneft)
Determination of gas-producing intervals of gas and gas-oil wells with the use of multisensor technology of wells research

The capability of multisensor technology for carrying out of field research of horizontal gas and gas-oil wells is consi - dered. Filtration properties of reservoir and bottomhole zone, productive characteristics of the well, and also working hole sections, characteristic and the intensity of the inflow from the test intervals, the pressure loss along the length of the horizontal wellbore are determined. It is noted, that studies of gas-oil wells allowed to define a gas flow zones for their further isolation.

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R.S. Khisamov, A.M. Evdokimov (Tatneft OAO), V.A. Iktisanov (TatNIPIneft)
Well Tests in Dual Completions

The paper deals with hydrodynamic methods to control operation of dual well completions. Different types of dual completion installations as well as well test procedures are shown here. One-string dual installation is considered to be incapable to accurately control well flow rates and watercuts. One-string electrical submersible and sucker rod pump units with plug pig and sucker rods, differential pump units make it possible to provide control and necessary time interval for well tests with application of conventional techniques.

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R.R. Kadyrov, A.S. Zhirkeev, D.K. Khasanova (TatNIPIneft), G.F. Kandaurova, I.N. Fajzullin (Leninogorskneft NGDU)
Water isolation in carbonate reservoirs using high-viscosity oil

A water control technology for carbonate reservoirs, which uses heavy oil from Mordovo-Karmalskoye oil field (Republic of Tatarstan), has been developed. The technology can be realized in two options: heated heavy oil is mixed with oil-well Portland cement forming a slurry, or with highly oxidized bitumen, forming a melt. To prevent cooling of the injected slurry/melt, heat-insulated pipes are used.

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V.N. Ivanovskiy, A.A. Sabirov, Yu.A. Donskoy (Gubkin Oil and Gas University), S.B.Yakimov (TNK-BP OJSC)
Effect of dissolved carbon dioxide on carbonate deposition at oil recovery with the use of electric centrifugal pumps

Calculation block Salt for the Avtotekhnolog software with the purpose of prediction of the salt deposition probability at the optimization of the operation of well with electric centrifugal pump is developed. The calcium bicarbonate so - lubility dependence on the water salinity is given. Gas separators use as a part of the pumping unit is proposed.

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L.A. Gaidukov (Institute Of Oil and Gas Problem of RAS), N.N. Mikhailov (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas)
Influence of horizontal well near wellbore features on the well productivity index

Mathematical and numerical filtration models of incompressible fluid toward horizontal well are build. Influence of hori - zontal well near wellbore features on the well productivity index is investigated. It is supposed that the main parameters of near wellbore damage are size and shape of damage zone, value of permeability damage coefficient on the well bore, profile of permeability change. Influence of collector parameters distribution along horizontal well on the near wellbore formation is investigated. Shown that using of simple near wellbore models may cause significant errors.

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V.N. Nikolaevskiy, S.M. Kapustjanskiy, A.G. Zhilenkov (Schmidt Institute of Earth Physics, RAS)
Geomechanics of oil well vicinity and sand production

Plastic current of sand (destruction fragments of collector) to the well under action of oil inflow and rock pressure is considered. The elastoplastic parameters of sandstone are given as functions of its porosity coefficient. The simple solution, generalizing known Dupuit formula, is offered. Results of the computer calculations which are taking into account effects of collector hardening are delivered. Dependence of sand production on pore pressure drop, cohesion and dilatancy of pay zone matrixes is shown. Zones of compaction and loosening in a zone, localization bands of deformations, and cavities at a perforation hole that essentially influence on intensity of sand production are revealed.

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S.A. Kostenyuk, A.I. Podjapolsky (State Unitary Enterprise Institute of Power Resources Transport)
Technology of wells operation by electrocentrifugal pumps at increased gas content

The causes of trouble-free life decrease of installations of electrocentrifugal pumps are considered. Methods of gas content control at the pump suction are given. The scheme of Tandem-4 system for an oil recovery from wells with high linear, annular and low bottom-hole pressures is given.

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R.B. Palivoda (RITEK OJSC), A.R. Lyudvinitskaya, V.V. Shaydakov, F.V. Dragan (Ufa State Petroleum Technical University)
Unsteady fluid flow in small diameter pipeline at the chemical reagent delivery into the well

The problems of irregularity of chemical reagent delivery by the small diameter pipeline at plunger metering pump ope ration, the way to reduce fluctuations due to the connection of an insert, made of fiber reinforced polymer pipeline, are considered. The recommendations on the use of fiber reinforced polymer pipeline in capillary systems of chemical reagents delivery into the well are given.

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T.V. Yuretskaya, A.G. Perekupka (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Effect of the components mixing order on the efficiency and synergism of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits inhibitors compositions

The effect of the order of mixing of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits inhibitors at the preparation of their three-component compositions on the efficiency, the synergism value, physical-chemical properties and infrared spectra of mixtures is established.

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Transport and petroleum preparation

M.Yu. Tarasov, S.S. Ivanov (Giprotyumenneftegaz OAO)
Co-utilization of low-pressure gas and tanks breathing with the help of liquid ring compressors

Schemes of utilization of low-pressure gas and oil vapor recovery, using liquid ring compressors, are given. Liquid ring compressor stations diagrams are presented. It is noted, that the technology under consideration is recommended as an alternative one for oil treating facilities in a wide range of commercial oil productivity.

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Environmental and industrial safety

T.P. Alekseeva, T.I. Burmistrova, L.N. Sysoeva, N.M. Trunova (State Scientific Enterprise Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and Peat of Siberian Branch of Russian Agriculture Academy), L.D. Stakhina (Institute of Petroleum Chemistry, Siberian Branch of RAS)
Effect of composition and method for application of peat ameliorants on destruction of oil hydrocarbons

Experiments show that the highest degree of the oil destruction in soil is provided by the peat ameliorants, which contain the carbamide as a nitrogenous fertilizer. It is noted? That the intermittent introduction of an peat ameliorant into the oily soil is the most effective technique.

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The unknown facts from journal history "OIL INDUSTRY"

Yu.V.Evdoshenko (Joint-Stock Company "Publishing house" "Oil Industry")
Origin of methods of maintenance pressure in 20 – the beginning of 30th years ХХ century (under journal publications «Oil Industry») the Part 2 (the beginning in № 12, 2009)

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