Solution to a problem of casing-head gas utilization by means of temporary storages in reservoir beds

Authors: A.A. Mikhajlovskiy, S.N. Buzinov (Gazprom VNIIGAZ), F.A. Bochkov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC)
Main methods of casing-head gas utilization in oil-gas condensate fields development was examined. It s shown that in the difficult of access remote oil producing regions it is possible to pump casing-head gas in a porous stratums for the purpose of temporary storing and subsequent using as a first stage of the casing-head gas utilization. Outlined proper porous stratums for the creation of temporary underground casing-head gas storages. Complex of technologies, which was developed and approved in underground gas storage is examined. It is shown application of these technologies in rational oil-gas condensate fields mining and temporary storing of casing-head gas.

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