Innovative solution for enhanced of oil recovery at shallow deposits of heavy oil

UDK: 622.337.2
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-7-24-27 Рис.
Key words: steam-assisted gravity drainage, heavy oil deposits, water producing intervals, thermogelling compositions
Authors: M.I. Amerkhanov (Tatneft PJSC, RF, Almetyevsk), А.Т. Zaripov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), А.N. Beregovoy (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), N.A. Knyazeva (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), V.I. Belov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), А.R. Razumov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma)

Tatneft came up with its heavy oil production program in 2005. In 2006, the pilot project was launched at Ashalchinskoye heavy oil field from drilling of three pairs of dual-wellhead wells with horizontal sections of the length 200-400 m. The first success promoted drilling of conventional single-wellhead horizontal well pairs with steam-assisted gravity drainage becoming the primary production method. In 2012, the project has gained a new momentum after the Russian Government introduced its tax incentives on production of heavy oil with in-situ viscosity of as high as 10,000 mPa×s. From then on, large-scale commercial production of shallow heavy oil has got underway in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Over the course of project evolution, the Company’s specialists has met various challenges, starting from selection of the optimal field development system and best strategies for drilling paired horizontal wells with optimal trajectories, selection of downhole equipment and advantageous pump operational characteristics and ending with field treatment and transport of produced oil with development of surface facilities construction projects. To date, the majority of complex challenges have been successfully addressed. This resulted in the increase of daily heavy oil production in Tatneft from several dozens of tones at the beginning of pilot production to more than 5 thousand tones. As of March 2018, cumulative heavy oil production has exceeded 3.8 million tons.

One of the successful examples of innovative solutions is a novel, field proven technology which involves temporary shut-off the unwanted water production in paired horizontal production wells that penetrated water-producing intervals.


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