Tatneft’s experience in well completion using fiberglass-reinforced plastic casing strings

UDK: 622.245.124
DOI: 10.24887/0028-2448-2018-7-18-19
Key words: fiberglass casing string, corrosion resistance, cementing
Authors: I.M. Zaripov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), А.R. Iskhakov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), R.I. Kateev (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma), А.М. Zaripov (TatNIPIneft, RF, Bugulma)

Installation of a conventional steel casing string as the production string during construction of oil production wells has a serious disadvantage - it is associated with potential corrosion problems. Application of fiberglass-reinforced plastic tubulars eliminates expenditures related to corroded casing repair and implementation of cathodic protection systems.

Founded in 2014, Tatneft-Presscomposite Company is engaged in production of tubing, line and casing pipes from fiberglass materials. Active corrosion damage of the tubing has been encountered in injection wells at the Kuakbashskaya production area. Thus the operator, Leninogorskneft Oil-and-Gas Production Division, came up with the solution to re-drill the wells and inject water through fiberglass casing string. In 2016–2017, fiberglass production strings have been installed in wells Nos. 38400d and 38392d of Kuakbashskaya area. To date, four more fiberglass production strings have been installed and cemented in slim-hole production wells. Test wells are currently in operation: two of them are operated as injection wells while four slim-hole wells are used for production, two wells produce through the casing string so that production tubing is not used. Water is injected through the casing string.

Technological andeconomic efficiency of the application of fiberglass pipes along the entire
wellbore length is attributable to elimination of expenses on the repair of the corroded steel casing strings, implementation of cathodic protection systems and no need to use production tubing


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