An integrated approach to the well drilling support in «Gazprom Neft» group

Authors: A.V. Bilinchuk, A.N. Govzich (Gazprom Neft JSC, RF, Saint-Petersburg), A.N. Sitnikov, G.D. Sadetskiy, V.V. Koryabkin (Gazpromneft NTC LLC, RF, Saint-Petersburg)

Key words: high tech wells, drilling operations support, increase in efficiency, proactivity, multidisciplinary teams.

The strategy of Gazprom Neft group in the field of hydrocarbons exploration and production in modern conditions is based on the significant influence of new technologies. The more complex technologies are applied, the more opportunities arise for the oil companies in order to reach maximum and cost-effective reserves recovery. Horizontal and multilateral wells with complex completions or multistage fracturing are proper examples of such technologies. At the same time, the construction of high-tech wells requires to devote considerable attention to the data gathering and its processing, risk assessment and effectiveness of multidisciplinary activities. This paper reveals some Gazprom Neft practices in the processes of complex well design and their implementation. Some further challenges to be faced are also stated in the article.

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pp. 394–401. 

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