Hydraulic fracturing as field development instrument in Samara region

Authors: G.G. Gilaev, A.E. Manasian, A.E. Letichevskiy, A.N. Parfenov (Samaraneftegas JSC, RF, Samara), I.G. Khamitov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), G.G. Gilaev (Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, RF, Moscow)

Key words: hydraulic fracturing, field development, geomechanics, rock mechanics, high viscosity oil, unconventional reserves

This article considers three main applications of proppant hydraulic fracturing in Samaraneftegas JSC as a tool for oil fields development management: 1) low-producing collectors with abnormally high fracturing pressure which cannot be developed without hydraulic fracturing; 2) deposits with highly viscous oil which had no successful practices of EOR methods implementation (traditional for such deposits); newly discovered oil source deposits of Samara region, as a promising areas for maintenance of oil production level in Samaraneftegas JSC.
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