Simulation of the interface motion between two immiscible liquids under flow diverter technologies conditions

Authors: E.O. Sazonov (Bashneft-Dobicha LLC, RF, Ufa)

Key words: diverter technologies, interphase boundary motion, conformance control, Lambert W-Function.

The present study considered the problem of the interface motion between two immiscible liquids. The solution of this problem for applications of flow diverter technology would be evaluation basis of the hydrodynamic medium properties changing over time, such as the fluid mobility, the saturation, pressure distribution, mean resistance and conductivity. The results were obtained for two types of filtration: radial and linear one. First case describes the physics for liquids flowing to well galleries, second - the process of contour contraction or a motion into the formation. Analytical solution for the radial case was derived for the first time. A method to assess the degree of injectivity profile smoothing after the flow diverter technologies.
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