The approaches to determination of the initial cost of research and development projects

Authors: E.Yu. Belkina, I.Sh. Khasanov (Rosneft Oil Company OJSC, RF, Moscow), A.F. Ismagilov (SamaraNIPIneft LLC, RF, Samara), L.N. Tkhashokova (ST-Audit LLC, RF, Moscow)

Key words: initial cost, research and development projects, an analog-based method.

The authors developed a model to calculate the initial cost of R & d projects with the use of an analog-based method of calculation of the weighted averages of the cost of typical works. The model is intended to determine the initial value of the contract in the placement of orders on execution of R&D projects.
1. Metodicheskie rekomendatsii po otsenke effektivnosti investitsionnykh
proektov (Guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects
) from 21.06.99. – либо
2. Vremennye metodicheskie rekomendatsii po opredeleniyu startovoy
stoimosti nauchno-issledovatel'skikh i opytno-konstruktorskikh rabot pri provedenii konkursnykh torgov na vypolnenie NIOKR (Interim guidelines for
determining the starting price of the research and development work in
competitive bidding to perform R & D) from 30.01.03. – http://www.bestpravo.

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